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If we have contacted you about a debt, take action.

Pay online or get in touch to discuss your options.


Understand your rights

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Check your credit rating

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Why have you contacted me?

If our collections team has contacted you it could mean that your overdue account with a bank, business or other organisation has been sent to us for collection.  You need to attend to this issue urgently by contacting us.

Why do I have to give you all of my contact details?

If we have accurate details that allow us to contact you effectively as required, the risk of the debt escalating is reduced.  You are less likely to get a default on your credit file or have legal action started against you.  Your cooperation will assist both parties help resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Is my privacy protected?

By providing us with your accurate details we are able to use these to ensure we are speaking to the right person, and do not inadvertently release information about you to anyone other than yourself, or someone you have authorised us to speak to on your behalf.

How do I make a payment?

We offer a range of payment options including Direct Deposit, Credit Card, and a Payment Plan.

Can I make a payment arrangement?

If you are unable to pay in full, arrange a payment plan above  or contact us to discuss your situation.

What will happen if I ignore your attempts to contact me?

If you ignore our correspondence, or fail to update your contact details after they change, you risk having the debt escalate.  This could result in a default on your credit file and legal action taken against you.  In some cases, interest and legal fees can also be added to your account.

I’d like a third party to handle this matter on my behalf. How do I arrange this?

You may elect to have a third party, such as a family member/friend, financial counselor, solicitor or trustee, speak to us on your behalf.  To arrange this you will need to fill out a Third Party Authority Form.

How can I give feedback on my experiences with you?

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