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Do you have enough time, resources & expertise to collect your debts?

We do.


No collect, no fee

There are no membership costs, no search fees, and no hidden charges. You only pay us a commission when we collect. If we don’t recover your money, there is no cost to you, guaranteed.

Low rates

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. There are no hidden costs or charges and we always consult before taking any legal action.

24 hour payment

Once the funds have cleared, payment is made to your bank account. Other companies make you wait up to 30 days but we think you have already waited long enough.

Licensed professionals

We are a licensed and bonded agency which means peace of mind for you. Our team is also led by an Accountant and a Private Investigator.

Our Pricing

DEBTS < $5000


ex. GST

DEBTS > $5000


ex. GST



Discount rates


Debt collectors have the time and resources to get you paid. Appointing a debt collection specialist is sometimes all that is required to prompt a bad debtor to pay.

Chasing bad debtors can be energy and resource intensive. It also distracts you from doing the other things in your day that are probably more productive and enjoyable. By outsourcing the collection process you save time and money and avoid stress.

Arrow Recoveries will act on your behalf to collect your outstanding debts. We handle the entire process including locating your debtors, making contact with your debtors, negotiating and collecting payment, enforcing any arrangements and handling litigation if necessary. We act within the scope of your instructions and have the experience to effectively negotiate payments of your accounts.

We hold a Debt Collectors Licence pursuant to the Debt Collectors Licensing Act 1964. In holding this licence we come under the regulations and guidelines of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Department of Commerce (WA).

Getting started is simple. Fill in our online form or call our office.

It’s important that you notify us as soon as payment is received from your customer to avoid embarrassment or miscommunication with the debtor. You will be charged commission as per our Terms and Conditions.

We offer a range of payment options including Direct Deposit and Payment Plan.

As a general guide debts can be recovered for up to six years. The rate of recovery decreases with age because as time goes on it is often harder to locate debtors. Your best chance for success is to engage a debt collector as soon as money becomes overdue.

This depends on the Terms and Conditions relating to the outstanding amount. In some cases you can charge late fees, interest, legal and recovery costs.

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